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Bio oil scam?  Well  Continue reading to be enlightened!  Get the TRUE FACTS!

Do you know what is in BIO OIL?  Does it really work?  Don’t throw your money away on expensive creams until you have read all the information you need to know here.  So much has been said about this product and the truth is when used as directed it has Fantastic results.  Biooil has been carefully formulated with all natural ingredients, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil and Chamomile Oil and the breakthrough ingredient Purcellin which is good for easy absorption.  This leaves the skin soft and smooth and no side effects.

Below Are Recent Reviews:

Tommy De Vito – Oct 2012: “Product works for me and this is the cheapest place I have been able to source it.”

This oil is the best, i have used it for years and can see the difference it has made to my skin. now, i have started using it on my face. it smells good and is easily absorbed. i would say get some now and feel the best with bio oil.

My mother, who is 80, recommended Bio-Oil to me, and her skin is wonderful for her age. I have been using it for about 3 months now, instead of my usual face creams and potions “guaranteed to make you look younger”, and the texture of the skin on my face has greatly improved. I saw my daughters last week (the first time in about three months) and even they commented that my skin texture was lovely. All down to this wonderful product, I’m sure! … Click Here to read the rest!

Why so much talk about Bio Oil?

  • It is suitable for ALL AGES.
  • It is very good for scars and definitely reduces their appearance with consistent use – The results are noticeable within two weeks!
  • It evens skin tone – it moisturises and improves the texture of your skin.
  • Bio oil smooths, firms and nourishes ageing and wrinkled skin.  Anyone at a mature age need not worry about their skin.  It gives you a younger look.
  • Works wonders with stretch marks.   Those unsightly ‘things’ will be a thing of the past.  You will get your confidence back by the pool side or the beach – you will feel happier about yourself!
  • Amazing for people on a Hepatitis C treatment as it helps moisturise the side effect of dry skin thus relieving the flaky, dry skin
  • This specialist skincare oil relieves you of years of acne scars! Continuous and consistent use will gradually fade away these blemishes.
  • It is economical and very good will be a good investment for your skin.
  • It is excellent on men too.
  • Bio oil smells great, feels fantastic and works a lot better than those expensive creams out there.  Once you’ve used it and seen the fantastic transformation, you will not want to be without one!

Below are reviews from customers who bought and use the product.

K Dance:  “Cannot recommend this product highly enough as a superb moisturiser for face,body arms etc. Have recommended it to friends for stretch marks and they are extremely happy with the results. Do not hesitate…… it now :-)”

Mrs Barbara Ingram:  “I love this product and use it all the time. It has reduced skin pigment colouring on my neck that I have had for years and where other products have failed. It goes along way and is not greasy. This lady in her sixties wouldn’t be without it as it is now my essential beauty product. “

P Elkins:  “This is the best product I have ever used on my face, which unfortunately is suffering from lines caused by too much exposure to the sun. It seems already to have made a difference, and I highly recommend it.”

N Rojas:  “I started a hepatitis c treatment on January this year.I knew that one of the side effect was going to be dryness of the skin but very soon i start to feel my self as a cartier’s crocodile bag. I remember I had used Bio_oil before and worked very good so i recommended to some of my friends…”


Bio-Oil 200ml

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Bio Oil Acne Scars


Acne scarring can result in unpleasant permanent dark spots leaving you with an undesirable complexion.    You feel your scars limit your chances to date.  Most times you feel very depressed which affects your social life as you are constantly conscious of the acne scars and you become less confident about yourself.  This can be improved with Bio Oil.

Bio oil helps fade these dark spots with continuous use.  Use a facial scrub to gently exfoliate dark skin cells once a week.  You will see results quickly typically within two weeks by doing this and applying bio oil at least twice a day as directed.  The aftermath is fantastic, smooth and silky skin.  Your confidence will be restored with all the compliments you receive.  You will feel extremely good about yourself and engage in all the things you have always wanted to do but been limited by acne scars!  Click here now to read all the reviews about Bio Oil.

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Bio Oil Acne Scars Treatment

Bio Oil 200ml


Bio Oil Great On Uneven Skin Tone


Bio Oil is Great on Uneven Skin Tone. It is by far the best oil to improve your skin tone. Every time you see your reflection with those patches on your face and arms, you feel so ugly compared to your friends who have nice, soft smooth skin that is always glowing. This can have an effect on your self esteem and confidence.

The patchy discolouration can be caused by hormonal changes such as in pregnancy. It can also be a build up of melanin that reacts with sunlight to form dark patches.  Bio oil contains all-natural ingredients.  Effective for treating uneven skin tone.  Results are noticeable in just two weeks. Exfoliate your skin daily and apply bio oil.  You will be amazed at the transformation of your skin.

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Bio Oil Scar Treatment


Scars can be vey unsightly and affect our self confidence as we become so conscious of them and find ways to hide them!  Not anymore,  Bio Oil,  is remarkable in  reducing the appearance of scars.  Results can be seen in as little as two weeks when used as directed!  Scars become less noticeable.  Your skin is improved and the feel good factor about it all is fantastic!

bio oil scar treatment

Bio Oil 60ml

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Purcellin Oil


This is one of the ingredients found in bio oil.  The all important purcellin oil helps with easy absorption by making the cream lighter.  The cream is non-greasy and has a nice smell and feel to it.  Fantastic on stretch marks and scars.  It reduces their appearance giving you a much smoother and even skin.



Bio Oil 125ml


This is a cream which has been known to lessen the appearance of stretch marks and reduce scarring.  The price of bio oil makes it affordable unlike other expensive products on the market that simply do not work!



Bio Oil 60ml


This oil is your skin saver!  It helps take very good care of your skin and the results are noticeable within as little as two weeks!  Bio oil works for all ages and for both men and women.  You’ll amazed at the transformation.  Your skin will have a much youthful appearance.  The compliments you receive will increase daily.  The price is so reasonable you cannot afford to miss it!  Click Here Now to Purchase!

bio oil 60ml

Bio Oil 60ml

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Bio Oil 200ml


Purcellin oil – the breakthrough ingredient is found in bio oil.  It helps reduce the thickness of the formulation which easily absorbs.  As a result it helps lessen the appearance of scars and stretch marks.  Another good thing about this cream is it is non greasy.   Bio oil has no preservatives and suitable for all ages.

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bio oil 200ml

Bio Oil 200ml


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